Saturday, November 6, 2010


Jack Jensen is psychic. There have been many times where there is something going on at the moment in my life and when I do my usual Friday lunchtime drive by, he has a painting up that accurately captures those thoughts or events.

The same thing happened this Friday. I burned onto a CD the John Lydon/Public Image Limited show I recorded at the 2010 Coachella Music Festival, knowing that he is a fan and admirer of John Lydon. I walk into the gallery and there up on the wall is a painting, only one day old, 0f...John Lydon! An uncanny coincidence or...?

Powder Whores' 2010 telemark ski movie happens tonight in downtown Denver. Lets get psyched up for the skiing! Knowing that I will be spending Saturday night at the movie, I decided to do the weekend concert Friday night. A cool starlit night in the backyard.

First up was Vampire Weekend, a radio broadcast from the Zane Lowe Show at the Maida Vale Studios in London, England on March 2, 2010. Midway through the segment the band is interviewed, pushing their new album that will shortly be released. Naturally a great recording of them performing in the studio.

Download it here:

I was craving for another dose of PiL, so for act two I chose their October 17, 1984 live show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington. Another very good quality recording. Johnny was having a good time with the audience. It sounded as though the very exuberant people were standing next tothe stage because he kept on cautioning them to behave, not mess with the equipmant and not steal anything off the stage. A great show during which he plays a number of their classic songs, including the Sex Pistol's Anarchy In The UK.

I pulled this recording off of pilhead's website found here:

Almost exclusively Pil and Sex Pistol recordings, many ofderings to choose from. Great site.

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