Sunday, October 31, 2010


Friday before Halloween. I was the only fool to really dress up for some fun at the office, but what's new? My shtick was throwing candy to surprise people in the office and roughing up others in the bathroom and hallways. I actually got some work done in the office, perhaps because I left the 6-pack of beer at home.

I stopped by Jack Jensen's gallery/bookstore/coffee shop over the lunch hour. The man just keeps on producing great art with thought provoking comments. Three new pieces since last week, hard decisions as to which one I should acquire.

Saturday was spent once again playing with the chainsaw, hauling the last of the limbs I had trimmed off trees last weekend. The woodpile on the back deck is fully stacked for the winter, firewood available for many days in front of the fireplace.

That night I decided to go punk, in line with my costume from the previous day. First up was Siouxsie and the Banshees, their 2006 release, Voices on the Air - The Peel Sessions, songs recorded in the BBC studio to be aired on the John Peel show. I enjoyed many of them, the music blasting into the night air behind the house.

The true believers
They listen without hearing
Led down the wrong path

Sent off with flags waving
Return with glory and honor
In black rubber bags

Download it here:

I was in the mood for a little Public Image Limited. For this evening's concert, I burned a CD of PiL's show that I recorded from the Coachella Music Festival earlier in the year. I got to savor that fine experience a second time. I must admit that PiL's performance was probably the my highlight of the whole festival. It would have been an absolutely excellent bootleg recording were it not for the wind making its presence known on the recording as a low background noise that would come and go.
Find it here:

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