Monday, October 25, 2010


A weekend spent playing with the chainsaw and attending to errands. The family is back home after more than a weeks absence.

While attending Josh Novak's CD release party, I noticed that Jack Jensen had hung up a new painting (shown below). It was hard not rushing off to see him immediately the following day. I stopped by on Friday to admire his new additions to the gallery. He's just pumping them out!

Sunday evening I noticed the fantastic arrangement of clouds filling the western sky, a beautiful array of light and shadow. I grabbed my camera and watched the sunset from an open vantage point, smoking a cigar and watching the ever changing pattern of the clouds swept by high winds aloft.

Bite the red apple
Tastes sweet with hypocrisy
Pretend its Eden

Their senses gone numb
Party spent drinking their swill
Have to take a pee

Melt into the night
No Taliban dead to report
A good news story

Pastor's book of hate
Leads his sheep to Satan's flame
Casts them in the fire

Sea of poverty
With our lives of luxury
Always wanting more

Saturday night I decided to crank it up with some good old fashion rock and roll. I chose a great live show from Joan Jett and her Blackhearts recorded live at New York's Ritz Venue on March 1, 1982. Soundboard recording, 14 tracks in total including the ever present I Love Rock and Roll and covers of Rebel Rebel and Wooly Bully. Couldn't stop moving.

Download it here:

The moment I was waiting for tonight was Echo & The Bunnymen's Peel Session collection, 21 songs I pulled together from a variety of sources. They were recorded over several sessions between August 15, 1979 and September 19, 1983, broadcast on The John Peel Show on BBC Radio shortly thereafter. Excellent quality of their early favorites. On the first recording you can distinctly tell that they are using the drum machine, Pete not yet a member of the band.

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