Monday, May 9, 2011


On Saturday I stumbled by accident onto a site that played a music clip by a new band, The Good Natured. I may have initially been drawn to that fantastic head of hair that kind of reminds me of someone, who could it be?? I listened and was instantly smitten!

I downloaded a single and couple of their EPs, burned them to a 40 minute CD and listened to them with a cigar sometime around midnight. I enjoyed every minute of it. But after staying up late last night and it being about 1 AM now, I was exhausted and dropped immediately in bed and to sleep.

I spent 12 hours Sunday standing in the basement, hand printing 4 copies of a single block print (10 colors). Mind numbing. The print looks god but does not "pop," which means another full day doing another set with a slightly different color combination.

The Good Natured, a new band out of the UK, consists of Sarah McIntosh; the songwriter and front-woman; George on drums and her brother Hamish McIntosh on bass. In the songs featured on the Skeleton EP Sarah displays her compellingly mature command of the nuances of serious pop music, combined with the darker, and often more sensual, emotional and lyrical content of the Gothic

The Good Natured came to prominence last year with ‘Warriors’, her first self-release. That four track EP, made in her bedroom, was produced after Sarah rescued her grandmother’s 1980’s Yamaha keyboard. Through the help of her MySpace, ‘Warriors’ created more hype than she could ever have expected. Picked up on by the likes of Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson, songs off “Warriors” received extensive play on Radio 1 and BBC 6Music. The EP also spawned features in the likes of Artrocker, The Guardian and The Sunday Times (Breaking Act). With rave reviews, Sarah found herself being compared to the likes of a young Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, and lyrically to Morrissey.

They are currently on tour in the UK.

Be My Animal is the new single by The Good Natured, the single contains B-Side Prisoner and was released on indie label Kids (The Whip, Kyte).

The Good Natured's, aka Sarah McIntosh, dark new single bristles with raw teenage sexuality. This 19-year-old is certainly growing up with these truthful and brave songs about the rougher parts of intimacy. The song zigzags across the boundaries of sexual and emotional love as Sarah plaintively calls out for her lover to become her animal and hunt her down. This electronic love song exhibits her already trademark hypnotic beat combined with alluringly assured vocals and an almost shocking masochism.

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