Saturday, May 7, 2011


The weeks have flown by and we are into May, and now the fun begins. A west coast road trip is planned, with major changes happening as recently as this morning. Visiting an old friend, skiing, hot springs and music. And it all begins in just a few days.

Friday night party in the back. A very pleasant spring evening. Two shows this evening, the first being Vampire Weekend performing at the Village Recording Studios in Los Angles sometime in 2009. The second was Ian McCulloch's acoustic performance at the Islington Union Chapel less than a month ago on April 16, 2011. A very lovely show during which Ian sounded wonderful. I wish he would do something similar here in the US.

Years feeling like days
Seasons passing one by one
More past than future

Word with no meaning
A lifetime lasts forever
Youths grand illusion

Leaving one by one
Alone in a house now silent
The party is over

Look into the eyes
Can see the fear of falling
Turn and then they close

Download it here:

Download it here:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Walter!!!!!
Thanks for this recording, i can wait to hear it,,,downloading!!
How are you????