Monday, July 25, 2011


A week spent readjusting to this alternate reality. As much as one might hope the world will change during a week or two of absence and isolation, it never happens. The world is as I had left it.

I can't put it off any more. The time has arrived to begin this summer’s renovation project, a redo of the master bathroom. I have absolutely no motivation to begin and go through with it, but it must happen.

This weekends virtual concert happens outside in the warm summer evening. The show starts with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts performing in 1982 at Emerald City in Philadelphia, celebrating the radios WMMR 15th birthday. Excellent recording, Joan and her bands mates doing it loud and fast. Rock and Roll!

Pushed to an extreme
Taking what does not belong
So many crying

In so vast a sky
His hand gently moves the clouds
Takes away the sunlight

Leaders with vision
Eyes that see selectively
Speak the hypocrites

Endless bickering
Nation plummets down debts hole
Deadlock in DC

Sheep blindly follow
Are promised greener pastures
Only to be fleeced

Download it here:

The main act this evening was another top notch recording of Nirvana performing in Vienna, Austria at the U4 on November 22, 1989 in what sounds like a relatively small venue in front a very enthusiastic crowd.

Krist got involved with a bunch of drunks in the audience who were disrespecting women, prompting him to give a long speech about how he is a girl and a brief attempt at singing The Who's "I'm A Boy." The drunk goes on and on, to the point where people in the audience tell him to shut up and ask that they get him out of here. Tell this guy about the Ayatollah and give him a machine gun and he'll clear this fucking place out."

Again this is before they made it big and the band could easily interact with the audience. A great performance, one of my favorites. This is a JWB remaster of the show.

Download it here:

Saturday brought news of the death of Amy Winehouse. Although not a big fan, it's never good to hear about the death of someone so young, 27 years old, same a Kurt Cobain when he passed away. In memory of her short and turbulent career, I burned a CD of her performance in Norway in 2007 and played it in the truck stereo Sunday night while watching the sun set in the western mountains while having a smoke. A towering thunderhead cloud many miles to the north caught the last orange and pink rays of the sun.

Download it Here:

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