Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The weekend has arrived and I'm looking forward to some music, much more so than working on renovating the bathroom. But work I must, stripping wallpaper, cleaning/repairing the walls, priming them and staining a couple door frames. I've just begun and I'm already burned out.

It's 10 PM when I park the truck out back, fling open the door and crank up the stereo.  The cigar and tequila put in that voodoo dream state when I pop in the first CD, Echo & the Bunnymen performing at the Edinburgh Playhouse in the UK on October 12, 1984.  Another great recording of the Bunnymen performing at the height of their skill and popularity.

"I've always thought I would've made a prettier girl than, er, most girls, really."
- Ian McCulloch, 1989

Nirvana closed Friday night with their live performance in Teatro Castello, Rome, Italy on November 19, 1991.  An excellent soundboard recording.  The band rips through the songs, very little chatter, a few quick words thrown out to the audience in Italian.  According to a review of the show, photographers were only allowed in front of the stage during the first song. This may have been so the video cameras could move into this area starting with the second song, which may explain why "Drain You" is missing.

From Nirvana, The Chosen Rejects:
"...Nirvana embarked on a new six-week UK and European tour at this, the height of their popularity in Europe."

"The tour hit a low point at the gig at the Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium, on the twenty-third.  Natural exhaustion caused infighting and anxiety that hampered the band's performance, and the quality of Nirvana's sound suffered considerably.  "It wasn't rock-star posing.  A lot of what happened had to do with alcohol and some really weird tension in the air," recalled Krist"The whole course of events just couldn't be stopped.  We were just on the train, and wherever it took us, we went.  We're dealing with an extreme business here, so reactions are extreme."

Download it here:

Saturday night found me in the same place and state of mind.  First up was Public Image Limited's "Commercial Zone,"
From Wikipedia:

Commercial Zone is an album of studio recordings by Public Image Ltd., recorded in 1982-1983 and released in 1984 by PiL founding guitarist Keith Levene. Following his departure from the band, Levene fled with the master tapes to America, where he sold the rights for the material and had several hundred vinyl pressings created without consent from John Lydon or the rest of PiL. Levene soon received a cease and desist order from PiL's record label. Commercial Zone includes five songs that were later re-recorded for PiL's fourth official studio album, This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get (1984) - for this reason, Commercial Zone is often considered to be an earlier/alternate version of that album.

Download it here:
Saturday night's backyard party was closed by the Gang of Four performing at the Paradise in Boston, MA on August 30, 1979, their US tour to promote a recently released album.  A very good recording of the full show.

Download it here:

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