Saturday, August 20, 2011


Jack Jensen came through with my consignment, wanting only Bevis at first, but he did both within the week between visits.  Everyone got a laugh from it.  The words are all his, or at least what he thinks Bevis and Butthead would be saying about me.

Friday night found me wanting to step back to the scene in London, back to The Roxy, "a fashionable nightclub on Neal Street in London's Covent Garden, known for hosting the flowering British punk music scene in its infancy."

"The Roxy was started by Andrew Czezowski, Susan Carrington and Barry Jones. The main entrance was on street level where you would walk into a small bar and seated area. Downstairs there was a small stage, bar and dance floor. The intimacy of the club had a feel to it similar to The Cavern Club in Liverpool where The Beatles had performed early on in their career."

In 1977 Harvest Records released an album Live at the Roxy WC2, featuring some of the regular acts who performed there, that made the top 20 in the UK. That's what I wanted to listen to in order to get a feel for that blossoming punk scene, only to close within five months of opening. Probably because they couldn't afford to repair all the damage following each show.

Performing at the Roxy this evening were Slaughter & The Dogs, The Unwanted, The Adverts, Johnny Moped, Eater, X-Ray Spex and the Buzzcocks. Listen to the glass being broken!

Download it here:

Next up were Joy Division, including some numbers from their earlier incarnation as Warsaw. A great collection of music from their first EP Warsaw and other recordings. A great listen, great guitar work and lyrics by a talented lead vocalist, Ian Curtis.

Download it here:

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