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Life has been very busy and finding the time to post is in very short supply.  I've been both listening to and capturing some good bootleg recordings that I hope to one day share - FREE! - no exclusive clubs to join, no maintaining required upload/download ratios, no passwords to remember.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I picked up a nice piece of original art from a gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as shown above.  I should give them a call, they may have the other favorite dead musician paintings done by now.  Another thing to remember to do along with everything else.
These last two weekends I've been listening to some both new and really fine music.

The Stooges

Written by "mofoking":

Can someone please remind me exactly how many decades “Stooge-lore” has been limited to verbal accounts and a few poor quality bootlegs recorded during the bands’ final year? It seems there has been more fancy commemorative packages of newly discovered Stooges recordings in the last twelve months than the past forty years.

The latest of these limited edition mail order goodies is a treasure-trove of high quality reproductions of artifacts from the personal collection of a first generation Stooges fanatic named Natalie Schlossman. During 1970, Natalie was one of very few wise enough to take in a number of Stooges gigs, snap some Polaroid’s, make some live recordings, and even author a six issue fanzine dedicated to the Stooges titled “Popped”, of which this set is named after. Her memorabilia plus a Stooges t-shirt – available in any size of your choice – and a reproduction of a flyer from a 1969 Stooges gig is included in this 11x17 polypropylene box (I should mention the CD, titled A Thousand Lights, is now available separately in limited quantities). This wonderful set is brought to you by the great Easy Action. So thank you Natalie and thank you Easy Action for putting together such an unbelievably cool package.

Buy it here:

Sex Pistols
Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden July 28, 1977

These black and white photos were taken in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) part of STOCKHOLM on Friday, July 29 1977 before leaving for Linköping. John is wearing a leather jacket with a denim west and a denim cap. Some say as a bit of a disguise because of the problem with RAGGARE in Sweden. RAGGARE were, and still are, Sweden's answer to England's Teddy Boys and the USA's rednecks. Think the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE FAMILY dressed up like ELVIS PRESLEY and riding around in an all chrome CADILLAC looking for a young punkette on her own to beat up. Most PUNKS in Sweden were around 15 and the RAGGARE were at least 10 years older.

After the gig at STUDENT KÅREN on the 28th a gang of Raggare cornered some young girls who came out from the show. The girls had safety pins through their cheeks and the Raggare ripped them right through their faces. The band was upstairs drinking beer when they heard about it. Sid wanted to go down and fight the bastards and someone else suggested that they should get the limousine and ram them down. In the end the gig organiser just called the cops.

The guy Sid is intimidating is the owner of Stockholm's only Punk boutique at the time, SUICIDE. He followed the band around and tried to get them to wear his gear. The band spent the afternoon of the 28th in the shop signing autographs and trying on clothes. The shop had ordered a new leather jacket specially for Sid which Sid immediately hated and declared "Poxy, vile, corny and twee". John found a pair of leopard-skin-topped shoes in the shop (''They're really horrible, I must have them, I could start another absurd trend''). With the shop owner and his girlfriend were their neighbour's two really young kids. Sid spent a lot of time with them during the day and when they had lo leave he gave one of them his favourite t-shirt.

Read it all here:

Download it here:

Or here:!download|540|270701919|Student_Karen__Stockholm__Sweden_28.07.77.rar|54526
Echo and the Bunnymen
Amsterdam November 29, 1980

A nice, generally clear set they performed in Amsterdam.  Always a pleasure listening to young Ian's voice.

Download it here:

Live On Jools Holland, June 4, 1993

This is what Wikiedia says about the band for 1993:

In the year leading up to the release of their debut album, Suede were the most written-about band in Britain.  The self titled Suede entered the British charts at number one, registering the biggest initial sales of a debut since Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to the Pleasuredome a decade before.  It sold over 100,000 copies in its first week of release, going gold on its second day. The album's release was met with high critical praise and hype.  At the time it was hailed as "the most eagerly awaited debut since Never Mind The Bollocks by the Sex Pistols."  Some notable press at the time was the front cover of the April 1993 issue of Select, which is seen by many as the start of Britpop.  The album went on to win the 1993 Mercury Prize.  The band donated the entire £25,000 in prize money to Cancer Research.  Their debut was the only album released in the U.S. under the name "Suede", where it remains their highest selling release.

Following the success of the album, the band toured extensively on the continent, receiving a major covering of MTV. In July, they gave a benefit concert for Red Hot Organization at "The Grand" in London where they invited Siouxsie Sioux to perform with Butler a version of Lou Reed's "Carolyne Says".  Suede then prepared themselves for their imminent American tour in the summer of 1993. During the tours of 1993, tensions began to develop between Butler and the rest of the group.  On the first American tour tensions peaked in Los Angeles, when Butler disappeared during a soundcheck. The gig went ahead, but for the rest of the tour the two parties barely spoke.  The tensions grew worse on the second American tour mainly for the fact that Butler's father had died, which forced Suede to cancel the tour prematurely.  Butler disliked the band's indulgence on the tour during his bereavement, in which he became more alienated from the band so much that he even travelled separately.  Their American success was limited as they had already begun to be upstaged by their opening act, The Cranberries, who received the support from MTV that Suede lacked.  At times Butler left the stage while Suede was performing and convinced a member of The Cranberries to fill in for him.

Download it here:

Live at Reading Festival, UK, August 27, 1999

Elastica were an English alternative rock band that formed in 1992 by ex-Suede band members Justine Frischmann and Justin Welch, playing punk rock, post punk and new wave-influenced music.  They were best known for their 1995 album Elastica, which produced singles that charted in the US and the UK.   Justine Frischmann was originally Suede's Brett Anderson's boyfriend only to leave and hook up with Brett's/Suade's nemasis during the Britpop era, Damon Albarn of Blur. After an up and down time together, the band broke up in 2001.

A very good recording, I like the overall style, but I wish Justin's voice stood out a bit more.

Download it here:

The Palace - Hollywood, CA, October 25, 1991

Nirvana.  Not much more I have to say. The Rock for Choice Benefit during which Krist ranted about politics throughout the show. The first thing you hear is Kurt saying to the audience "Keep your f***ing laws off my sister's body!"... and of course the crowd goes nuts. Krist allows two people from the audience speak their mind, one of which just screams into the mic "Nirvana F***ing RIPS!!", which I'm sure isn't what he had in mind.

Download it here:!download|464|2423997823|Nirvana_1991__Oct_25_-_The_Palace_-_Hollywood__CA.rar|155246

Live Riverside Newcastle UK May 2, 1999

I was wanting something a bit more hard edged this Friday night, starting off with Fugazi.  I suspect this recording is edited down from their original set, Ian MacKaye starting off the show saying they were going to play a three hour set.  This is not a three hour recording.  Plus Ian is not chatting it up with the audience between songs as he usually does.  Great recording, good show.

Download it here:

Van Halen
London Invasion, June 23, 1980

I picked this one because the following day I was scheduled to fly to Los Angels to see them perform live, on a real stage at the Staples Center.  All arrangements were made, all I needed to do was step on the plane and get the ball rolling.  I was wanting some classic Van Halen from their day in the sun almost exactly 32 years ago.  Where has the time gone.  But, god bless them, they're still doing it.

Download it here:

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