Sunday, June 17, 2012


Like the junkie only thinking about his next fix...I broke down and pressed the "purchase" button.  I am going to party Friday night in San Antonio, Texas.  And that concludes the 2012 Different Kind of Truth tour for me, although it will go on in my head with all the bootleg recordings available out there.

Wanting to taste  a little punk this evening, I pulled up The Rezillos, Peel Sesions from 1977 and 1978. 

Their bio reads:

The Rezillos are a punk/new wave band, who formed in Edinburgh in 1976 and still play gigs around the world in a re-formed line-up. Although frequently aligned with the punk movement, the Rezillos' (later known as the Revillos) irreverent glam rock image and affection for campy girl-group iconography, set them distinctly apart from their peers. They are probably best known outside of the UK for their cover version of the song "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight".

Download it here:

Next up was The Doors, their fourth and final show in New York at the Felt Forum on their Live in New York CD set.  Another great recording and performance.

It might seem overkill to splurge on four shows of similar material recorded over two days, but their Forum mini-residence was one of those gigs where fans would have kicked themselves for not getting tickets to every show: blues covers change, an unheard “Celebration of the Lizard” is thrown in, and Morrison — the psychedelic Sinatra — keeps changing the phrasing of songs in surprising ways, though always in control both of his mysterious instrument and of the mesmerized crowd.

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Live in New York 1970 is an incredible document of band that had just recently reignited the burning blues mojo at their core. Morrison Hotel, released just a few months after, was the studio crystalization of these efforts, however here in a live context the mojo is that much more apparent. The band is poised to rock hard and loose and there is an electricity in the air – partly the band’s and partly the near hysteria crowd- that is simply mesmerizing. The Doors, free of the confines of the studio are truly alive and downright dangerous. Everything I like about the Doors, from their unique organ based grooves to Morrison’s unique ability to make an oft played song sound new again, is here in fully embracing sound.

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