Saturday, May 25, 2013


Monday night at Red rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO, drawn to tonight's performance by the appearance of Vampire Weekend, supported by Of Monsters and Men.  Arrived early to get in the line in and effort to get close up general admission seating.  Light sprinkles early on threatened to turn into a downpour, not unlike what we had to drive through to get to Morrison, but that did not materialize.  Found seats near the sound booth, close to the stage but too low to have views of the Denver skyline and distant plains.  I enjoyed the views of the hogbacks and foothills to the south while having a cigar waiting for the music to begin.

Reverb wrote:

"Of Monsters and Men, who were mates on the bill with Vampire Weekend for Monday night only, did their best to pump life into mostly formulaic folk-pop. The band is pleasant enough, though most of the time can dip into realms that are far too cutesy, such as on “Love Love Love.” Most of the band’s set dropped into monotony, somehow a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Skeletons” even managed to feel formulaic. Rightfully so, the band got its biggest rise from the hit “Little Talks,” — a cheer positive enough to warrant playing the song twice."

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Westword wrote:

Earlier in the evening, a confident and sterling opening set by Of Monsters and Men was a perfect complement to the dynamism of Vampire Weekend's performance. The sextet from Iceland offered the crowd all the requisite elements of a large-scale stadium show with set dressing that included an elaborate light show and a trio of lighted canvas globes.

Indeed, the instrumentation was what made Of Monsters and Men's set pop. Between the two pianos, two acoustic guitars, lead electric guitar, trumpet, accordions, drum kit and the solo tom drum at the center of the stage that band members took turns smacking with mallets, even the tamest C-D-G chord combinations sounded like symphonies

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