Saturday, May 25, 2013


Loved the performance by Vampire Weekend.  What's great about sitting up close is that one can watch the band on stage, not what's projected on the big video screen off to the side.  They played their old favorites and handful off of their new album, some which work for me, some that don't.

Reverb wrote:

This balance of old and new speaks to Vampire Weekend’s growing catalog — one that feels deeper than only three albums. At one point Koenig dug out the old track “Ladies of Cambridge,” an early single from Vampire Weekend’s days of playing the Hi-Dive. A bit rough around the edges, paying homage to those close quarters bars that clashed with Vampire Weekend’s clean cut pop, the tune seemed like a waypoint for the growth in the last six years. And this was all the more apparent beneath the understanding reflection of the Coachella mirror and the thoughtful, mature new material.

Koenig stuck to one spot through the majority of the set, weighed down by the demanding vocals. Reaching, dipping and shouting and cooing he pirouetted through the songs with only a few tumbles here and there. For the most part he made it work, though, when he did miss it was all the more noticeable given how perfect his voice is recorded. Despite the ease of which the band acted on stage, there was little showboating from Koenig, guitarist/keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij or bassist Chris Baio. Meanwhile, drummer Chris Tomson kept things on point with his fun and thoughtful indie-pop beats.

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Westword wrote:

The band's new record, Vampires of the City, just dropped about a week ago, and this live outing gave the outfit a chance to spotlight its old and new material at once. That side-by-side structure showed just how much the quartet has come along, even since 2010's Contra. Fresh off the rush of releasing a new record, the band seems confident as it heads into its creative future.

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