Monday, September 23, 2013


On September 14th I flew to LA for the sole purpose of watching Michael Aston's (blond hair) version of Gene Loves Jezebel perform at the New Wave Bar.  It's getting so easy to travel to and around LA: plane, train, bus, a short walk and I'm at the hotel door.  I was amped for the show, barely able to relax at the pool that afternoon.  I had a cigar in the park behind the bar at sunset and was inside by 7:30, with time to kill before the 10:00 show.  A seat at the bar, having drinks and listening to a succession of 80's music from a variety of artists.  I made the request for Echo and the Bunnymen's Never Stop, getting Bring on the Dancing Horses instead.  Unfortunately I probably had one too many because in my enthusiasm to see Michael, I experienced some fumble fingers and stopped the recording a half hour into the show.  This is one time I saw the "documenting" of the show as a curse because it was getting in the way of its pure enjoyment.

I toyed with the idea of following the band to Florida where they perform at a two day 80's music festival on the coast east of Orlando, easy to do, but considerably more expensive.  But I decided to wait until the band performs again in LA.  A dream would be for estranged brother Jay Aston (red hair) to go out on tour himself and put his spin on the music.  Among the fans, the the debate is similar to the one for Van Halen: Dave versus Sammy.  But instead it is Jay versus Michael.  It's all good to me.

Just two hours away
Escape, both body and mind
Life of fantasy

Three long hours to kill
A room lit by the glasses
As the eyes grow dim

Wears a lions mane
Dressed in Neo’s black trench coat
Sings like an angel

Jumping off the edge
Falling so fast with eyes closed
Soft lands on the grass

Seeks an explanation
Follows the trail, like bread crumbs
Lost in the darkness

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