Saturday, September 28, 2013


Wednesday night at the Moon Room at the Summit Music Hall.  Performing were Deap Vally, the band from Los Angeles who I saw at Lollapalooza a little over a month ago.  I knew I had to see them as soon as I heard they were coming to Denver.  The Foot was a pretty good band, and Jjuujjuu was the husband of  Julie, the drummer of Deap Vally.  Everyone was waiting for this dynamic duo to perform.

Even though the crowd was small this evening, the place rocked when they took the stage.  Lindsey announced that it was Julie's birthday the following day, at midnight.  Happy Birthday to you!  What's strange is that it was here husbands birthday on the day they performed at Lollapalooza!  After the show I caught Lindsey at the merch table where she signed copies of their EP.  When asked how this compared to Lollaplooza, she was nice and said that these venues allowed her to get close to the crowd.  A great night of music, hoping they come through again after they release their album in October.

Download the show here:

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