Sunday, October 20, 2013


Last day of the festival.  Got to see Palma Violets, Skaters, the Wavves, The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend and The Cure.  Early in the day I saw Baroness, one of the reasons I chose to go to Lollapalooza.  Much of this music was taped, but I'm not posting it because of time: the preparation, uploading, etc. is becoming too time consuming.  If asked, I will provide.

You could tell they were pumped to be on stage before such a large audience.  John wife and his daughter were watching from the sidelines.  Shortly into the performance I was overwhelmed with such good emotion I literally shed tears of joy.  When they At one point John turned away from the mic and faced Peter and you could see him saying "This is awesome!"  They all gave it 100% of their effort and the crowd responded favorably in kind.  After the show I went around the stage where their tour bus was parked and ran into Peter who I congratulated for the amazing performance.  I also ran into John's wife who I told was married to a great performer, and she agreed.  This show was the highlight of the day.

My daily ration of a favorite beverage of mine.

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