Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Life is busy!

Plans had been made a long while back and now the time had arrived for a trip thousands of miles across the globe for several evenings of musical enjoyment.  The last night in the UK was spent with Uncle Johnny at the Indigo in the O2 on the south bank of the Thames River.

On December 13th I returned the rental vehicle, checked in at the hotel, washed up, had dinner and was off to the O2 to get in line at the door with many others hoping for a good place to stand in front of the stage.  I found a spot on the barricade on the left side of the stage in front of Lu Edmonds.    The crowds pressed in from behind during this sold out show, the only one they performed in 2014.

The experience from beginning to end was a blast!  I only wished that there was enough room around me to dance to their hypnotic beat.  John was as playful as ever, both scolding the audience as well as praising them for attending this evenings show.  Yes, he is a legend.

And before I knew it, the show was over, leaving me emotionally deflated, especially considering it marked the end of my 10 days in the UK.  Time to turn around and return home and the reality that awaited me there.  What I found interesting was how after the show the theater turned up the music and the pit area in front of the stage became a dance floor on which the remaining audience could continue enjoying their time at the Indigo.  A lot of 80's post punk sound, including one by the Bunnymen.

I intentionally imbibed less than usual so that I could easily find my way back to the hotel near Paddington Station.  Made it back fine and was in bed sometime after 1AM.  I made a point of first pulling the bed away from the wall which appeared to be spattered with something I'd rather not think about.  But it was a cheap bed, which was all I needed for my last few hours in London.

The video clip has the same quality audio found in the link below.  Enjoy.

Download the audio from the entire show here:

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