Thursday, March 12, 2015

THE GARDEN - Fais Do-Do Club Los Angeles

When I originally checked, the poster above simply listed “Special Guest” performing with Warpaint. While looking for a show to attend the night before going to see Warpaint, I looked at 100+ bands playing in LA Friday night and The Garden stood out above the rest, but they were playing in Santa Barbara, too far for us to drive considering when my flight arrived at LAX and when I assumed they would take the stage that evening. I therefore settled on seeing La Luz. So you can understand my surprise when I later learned that The Garden had been chosen to open up for Warpaint Saturday night!

Twins on bass guitar and drums, no one else. Loved the stripped down, high energy sound and the two guys goofing around on stage. I hope to see more of them!

The video below is not that good considering the lighting and the low stage they were on. At that point in the evening I was just wanting to listen to and enjoy the music, preferring not to be a tripod with the purpose of capturing video, watching the show on the camera and missing the live performance in the process. The soundtrack to the video provides you with a sense of the quality of the audio recording of the whole show available below. Enjoy!

It is written:

The Garden is a constantly evolving, conceptual punk band based in Orange County, California. Established in in 2011 by twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, the band consistently defies categorization and continues to break ground in their self inflicted ‘Vada Vada’ genre. They are the auditory invaders of the new world; borderless, informed and decentralized, slick sound released from constraint and old ideologies.

Their two-piece bass and drums essence is dirty, raw and very immediate but equally nuanced with echoes of the hive mind of the Vadaverse, the ephemeral architecture that exists both inside and outside of the duo that the listener enters and never quite escapes. Together the twins are an acidic concoction; unstable, sexy and probably toxic.

The Garden’s shows are experiential, as powerful and philosophically confounding as they are glib and tricksy. There never is any time for explanations, only a sense of urgency and a rapid spiral into their parallel world. To be seduced and ensnared by mirror-image raconteurs, operating an addictive carnival ride of sound and movement that stops as abruptly as it starts, is a close approximation of The Garden experience.

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