Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The plan was to see Warpaint Saturday night, but I needed something to do Friday after flying into LA.  I checked the list of concerts playing in LA listed on Songkick and out of the 100+ available for Friday night, the runner up to The Garden was the band La Luz.  They had an interesting sound and the venue was not too far, ensuring that I can get from the airport to the club before the music started.

I was picked up by my daughter at LAX at 7:30 PM and in less than an hour we were standing in line at The Fold west of downtown LA.  We had phoned the hotel to tell them we'd be coming in around midnight.  Once inside I made for the bar and the shots of sake began to flow!  We had enough time to watch a snippet of a Pee Wee Herman full length movie projected big onto the wall of the lounge area.  The only improvement they could make to this place is another bathroom or two!

La Luz was a fun band to listen to, especially in my state of mind during this exciting weekend.  The Shivas warmed up the audience, and La Luz took it to the next level with their SoCal surf sound.  I'd love to see them again!

La Luz (light or enlightenment in Spanish) is a psychedelic surf rock band that produces music Quentin Tarantino would use to score his films. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, Marian Li Pino on drums, Abbey Blackwell on bass and Alice Sandahl on the keys.

The sound of La Luz merges psychedelic rock with 60’s Motown doo-wop, sprinkled with surf and garage rock influences. The melodic vocal harmonies of the group combined with reverb guitar effects and keyboard jingles makes La Luz an awesome soundtrack choice for a psychedelic road trip.

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