Monday, April 20, 2015


Monday April 13 at the Larimer Lounge with Deap Vally, Bud Bronson and the Good Timers, L.A. Witch, and The Velveteers. I was happy to learn that L.A. Witch, an all-girl band from Los Angeles, would be playing with Deap Vally, a fave of mine, especially after first having seen them perform with Warpaint a month and a half earlier, another fave of mine.

Their music is described as:

Dirty distorted country” - Dark Party “Imagine Kim Deal influenced by Nirvana (rather than the other way around)” - Los Angeles Magazine

“[L.A. Witch] stir up images of Gun Club ‘Fire Of Love’ era and early X… yet at the same time are something entirely their own.” - Buddyhead

” dark amalgam of psych-rock, garage and Americana… L.A. Witch recalls the early ragged glory of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or the Black Angels” - Buzzbands LA

 “They remind me of a darker version of Warpaint. Warpaint make you feel as if you are drifting in and out of sleep. L.A. Witch are that feeling right before you fall asleep. A few times you feel your head drop as you nod off, then you just go. You go so far down; nothing and no one can disturb you.”
On this night I had not yet “fallen asleep” and I liked them better than when I saw them back in February. Good music, a new band I intend to follow as they introduce the world to their new sound. As the band set up for their upcoming performance , I spoke briefly to band leader Sade Sanchez and told her how much I enjoyed their sound and the fact I was looking forward to seeing them yet again at Desert Daze. During the Julie of Deap Vally came out and watch the band perform, apparently liking what she saw.

Later that evening L.A. Witch left the club, loaded up the van and began their 8 hour journey to do a show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sade behind the wheel. You could tell she was not too thrilled to be driving all night and into the morning.

Download the full show here:

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