Saturday, March 14, 2015


A trip to LA for the specific purpose of seeing the LA band Warpaint.  It was a show that they agreed to perform on relatively short notice, a benefit for a high school music program.  I flew in Friday night and saw several bands play at a different club, stayed at a hotel in downtown LA, attended the Warpaint concert Saturday night, flying home Sunday.  It helps having a daughter who lives near LAX.

Besides Warpaint, we had the treat of also hearing LA Witch and The Guardian this same night.  Excellent performances by all three bands.  At the first sound of Warpaint, I put the camera away and pretty much just grooved to the music.  I met Emily and Jenny in the room at the theater where they were having a silent auction for art work produced by the bands this evening.  I did not win the painting by their drummer, Stella, even though my high bid by the time I left was $400.  I hope to see them perform again in about a month and a half.  After the show back at the hotel, I climbed the fire escape and continued the party with more concerts through my headphones, enjoying the lit up city around me as a light drizzle came down.

Saturday night Warpaint hosted a benefit show for John Marshall High in hopes of raising funds to save music in public education. The event was held at Fais DO DO near Culver City, Los Angeles. The venue resembled a warehouse but with a cool club edge that would attract LA’s finest hipsters. Members of Warpaint were struttin’ around and were very much approachable although we were slightly apprehensible and for lack of a better word, nervous.

The show itself was interesting, we arrived just as the second opener had finished their set so we roamed around the venue a bit. All proceeds from the show and hand painted tote bags (by Warpaint) went to YAAAASS, the charity in which it was held for. Of course we snagged us some tote bags because …Hello!? Warpaint..literally.

The place was packed but not overwhelmingly so, the band started off with their self titled track “Warpaint” which I had yet to hear live. Everyone pretty much went nuts and the ladies followed with a great variety songs fromExquisite Corpse to Warpaint’s self titled album. Theresa Wayman (guitarist) performed exceptionally passionate on this night, I believe they said that it was her idea to put the show together. Once they played “Undertow” the dance floor started thumping and grooving and it didn’t stop after that, I myself was one of those groovers.

This was my 4th time seeing Warpaint live; there is something so majestic and honest about the way they perform. I couldn’t help but get a bit emotional once I heard the chords for “Burgundy” start to play. If you haven’t already, go check out a Warpaint show because you will instantly be reminded of why you love music in the first place. -Kim

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