Sunday, July 20, 2008


The day was spent driving the kids around to various events and social activities. I hate driving on the weekends because of the long commute on weekdays. Needless to say, I got nothing done around the house, other than download a new high quality VH bootleg from 1995.

I spent the evening listening to Sucka's compilation of songs from Van Halen's first and second albums. Live songs in the same order they appear on the albums. Diamond Dave at the helm. Was not thrilled with the product in that the music was chopped up and of variable quality. Give me a good concert, seamless from beginning to end. I'm finding that the Sammy era albums are more rock solid and I prefer them over the early LPs.

Beautiful night with a full moon rising to the east. I'm realizing that these virtual concerts are an excuse to relax outdoors in the evenings, something I historically did while smoking cigars weekend nights outside the house. So although tonight's CD was somewhat disappointing, I enjoyed the experience simply because I was outdoors enjoying the cool air, the moon and stars.

Something amazing happened last night: I got 5 hours of solid sleep in one block of time! WOW! This has not happened in months.

Night after night
Lost in his virtual world
Wonders where it ends

Flees world's turmoil
CD, cigar, a few shots
Friday night's escape

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