Sunday, July 13, 2008


Saturday night and I was back in Amsterdam with Van Halen playing in the Edenhal on June 15, 1979. Very good sounding audience bootleg. Parked the truck in a nearby field and cranked it up. A cool wind was blowing all the time, chilling me to the point where I sought shelter behind the windbreak formed by the truck. The heavy dose of tequila I had consumed did not provide enough warmth.

The band this evening played really well. The early years, when they had the energy and stamina to go full blast throughout the show. Eddies fingers just ripped through his guitar solo. This emphasized how Eddie had changed in later years (mid to late 1990's), trading youthful speed and vigor for a more mature approach, a bit slower, with a little more style and more introspective with the melody/sound. For that reason, I prefer Eddie's guitar solos from the 90's under both Sammy and Gary.

Youths hour has passed
Cracks have begun to appear
Time is catching up

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