Sunday, July 6, 2008


After a full day at the office, the wife and kids picked me up and we pointed the car north towards Wyoming for a Fourth of July weekend with the in-laws. Just across the Colorado state line we stopped for food, gas and .... fireworks! I was wanting to buy one specific item for future use, but as we went inside the store the kids grabbed a shopping cart and off they went! $150 later we were back on the road arriving in Casper, Wyoming shortly before 10 PM. After doing the social greeting thing I checked the house for my tequila stash only to learn that I was largely out, 1 shot at most being available. I bought another bottle from the nearby bar/liquor store, the Avalon, and then drove off for a dark spot to have my Friday night concert. Found it on the east edge of Evansville (a "suburb" of Casper), not too far from the banks of the North Platte River.

Tonights show was with the band, lead by Gary Cherone, at the Sydney Entertainment Center in Sydney, Australia on Monday April 20, 1998. An excellent soundboard recording, the only problem being that it was an edited version of the show, 8 of their songs on a single CD. An audio recording of the full show must be out there in circulation that I've got to hunt for. Rocked the night away, returning to the house around 1 AM where everyone was preparing for bed, the kids greeting me with "Dad's drunk!" I probably was, under the strickt definition of the law, but I knew I was far from it in terms of motor skills, communication and knowing what the hell was going on. Everyone was in bed shortly before 2 AM, the shoulder not bothering me until later in the morning.

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