Saturday, December 13, 2008


Back to my usual parking spot out on the prairie after a short week in the office. Issues that I thought were behind us thrust me back into the here and now, all the good that the short vacation provided feeling as though it had been erased. Fortunately I'm still basking in the afterglow of that fun time.

This night was spent back at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on May 10, 1984, the second night of three they would play in that city during the 1984 Tour. A pretty good audience recording with a few cuts here and there due to tape flips and/or editing out long cheering sections. The audience was really into the show based on their enthusiastic response. And the band picked up on that, Dave especially because he was in prime form when it came to rappin' with the audience. "We start the weekend early around here! You a noisy bunch of mother fuckers! You give southern California a run for its money. What's that you say baby, you wanna give me a run for my money?" A classic 1984 show! I was rockin' for the nearly two hour event. Being low on tequila, I had to prime the pump with a bit of whiskey this evening. That yielded some hot tasting belches! Party on!

Reality's back
Friends and places far behind
It was just a dream

Head filled with wishes
Anxious rubbing of the lamp
Genie has long gone

On familiar ground
The boredom of adulthood
Longing for the dreams

Distant airport's lights
Rise up into the night sky
A means of escape

Dave is on a roll
Fucks the audiences mind
With his tight pants on

The music so loud
Cheering of the drunken crowd
Feels like yesterday

A moon so bright
Follow the white concrete curbs
No headlights needed

Moonlit cold outside
Tequila and loud music
Fire on the inside

Dave's dance on the stage
Only things on his dirty mind
Sex, drugs, rock and roll

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