Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This was a very short work week due to scheduled travel plans and the Christmas holiday. The threat of snow caused us to head out for Wyoming earlier than planned, hoping to avoid slick roads and slow traveling. All was well until we got with 60 miles of Casper where a snow was coming down. It was so cold outside that the snow was a light powder that did not stick to the road. The only danger was losing sight of the road while driving in clouds of snow behind vehicles one might pass. Arrive at the in-laws in the early evening.

Dressed up for some time outside listening to the music. Light snow coming down. For this evening's concert I chose "I Can't Tell You", another variation of Van Halen's February 1, 1989 show at the Tokyo Dome. Excellent soundboard quality, the show edited to remove the long pauses in between the songs. There's something wrong with my copy of the show, the disc skipping a bit before the close of each song and static affecting the quality of the music midway through the show, becoming unbearable to listen to long before I reached track 15. I was not the portable CD player, as I first thought. Don't know if its my burning of the disc or the show I downloaded. This show is damn good and I intend to find a better copy to download and listen to another time. The first half of the concert was enough to get me into the "zone", so I was satisfied.

PS: Thinking about it some more, the same ything happend in NY when I tried to listen to "I Can't Tell You". I checked my sourecs and they did not have a copy, leading instead to my acquiring the "When Its Love " variatrion of this same show. If anyone's got "I Can't Tell You", please let me know and we'll do a trade!

Framed in the headlights
White clouds of billowing snow
Sweaty hands on the wheel

A light snow falling
Through the refinery's glare
Colored Christmas lights

A time long ago
Reaches out from the past
Touched my heart with his hand

Music fills the ears
Dance in the snowy darkness
Stumbles from the booze

Shout that they want more
Like addicts hooked to the sound
Crowd so fucking wild

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