Sunday, December 21, 2008


Weather reports suggested snow would fall in the mountains. I was considering going Saturday but I wanted Mr. E to join me so I rescheduled for a trip up on Sunday. I even managed to convince him to drive up the night before to avoid the early morning mad highway rush.

We drove up Saturday night, arriving at the Loveland ski area paring lot at around 11 PM. No new snow, only frigid temperatures. Loveland Pass was closed so we were forced to sleep in the parking lot. I don't like that because of all the heavy equipment that rumbles around all night. I'll try the Loveland Valley Parking lot next time.

Mr. E snoozed inside the running vehicle, I stood outside for nearly two hours listening to Van Halen, their June 28, 2004 show at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford CT. A very good audience recording with the band playing well. Sammy's gravely voice. What I'm noticing about Eddie during the 2004 reunion tour is that he's always improvising his technique: little flourishes here and there, new takes on his old standards. It really is the only new thing to be found on these reunion recordings, something to look forward to. Hard to say whether his improvising is the result of his legendary style or the bottle he was hitting during this tour.

I was beginning to freeze after being outside for an hour and a half. I would say it was close to O degrees. After Eddies solo I finished the concert inside the truck, snoozing kid by my side, quietly sipping tequila. I must have briefly fallen asleep in the comfort and warmth of the truck cab, waking for Panama and their encore, When It's Love. I listened to disc 2 a second time on the way home from skiing to catch anything I may have missed the night before.

It was 1:30 AM by the time the bootleg recording ended. I got the "beds" ready in the back of the truck and both Mr. E and I crawled in the sleeping bags and under extra blankets. We both were warm and slept comfortably through the night, heavy vehicles rumbling around the parking lot till dawn. We woke to the sound of explosive charges going off meant to trigger avalanches on the mountain behind us. Another great day skiing packed powder on the slopes!

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