Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I woke up shortly before the noon hour and had a quick lunch at Burger King. With map in hand, today’s destination was a walk through central Liverpool to the River Mersey. The day was cold but the sun was shining, providing little warmth. The nearby pedestrian shopping district was very busy with people trying to prepare for the Christmas holiday, everyone with one or more bags in hand.

Monuments to time
Praise heroic bravery
Don't bring back the dead

Cirrus cloud streaked sky
Low sun casts its feeble light
Black water sparkles

Northern latitude
Black water reflects its light
Sun low in the sky

I booked a ride on the ferry across the Mersey. You could have bought four or five different CDs by Gerry & the Pacemakers in the ferry terminal gift shop. I had an hour to kill waiting for the ferry’s return so I lit up a cigar and sat on a nearby bench, enjoying the view of the stately buildings along Canada Boulevard and the river which sparkled in the suns light. The ferry made two stops on the opposite bank and then cruised upstream more for sightseeing purposes. I got off at Woodside where I spent an hour at the U-boat museum, returning to the ferry to complete the trip. By this time the tide was falling, the river flowing swiftly.

Back in Liverpool I walked across town to the Liverpool Cathedral. This building dominates the skyline south of the city, particularly from the river, thereby drawing me to it. A very large cathedral made of red sandstone, (similar to what underlies the city, based on the outcrops visible along the tracks approaching the Lime Street Station). It cast a reddish orange color in the setting suns light. The inside was even more impressive, with its high arched ceiling, all decorated for the Christmas holiday.

Dinner a small Italian restaurant, choosing a well prepared sea bass entree, while at the same time I enjoyed the view of the people going about their business just outside the window.

Back to the hotel to prepare for tonight’s show. Smoked a cigar at the monument commemorating the battle at Waterloo just outside the Walker Art Museum. Shortly after 7 PM I made my way to the O2 Academy where I checked my coat and then made my way to the stage.

Ian’s performance this evening was a bit better than yesterdays. The concert hall, however, was packed with a very enthusiastic crowd that sang along with virtually every song, whistling, hooting and hollering in appreciation for their Liverpool Bunnymen. Ian made no effort to quiet the rowdy crowd because he probably realized it was a hopeless cause. Some people were pushing very hard to get up front, and had I not held onto the hand rail I would have easily been swept aside. Much of the evening was spent resisting this advancing tide of people. At the end of the show I snagged Ian’s set list from off the stage.

Flew up to the sun
Drawn to emotions bright light
Can't seem to come down

Living in a dream
Catches sight of the cold moon
Wakes, then falls asleep

I had learned from the Bunnymen Underground member "King of Kings" that he got his copy of The Fountain signed the night before through Brian who has contacts back stage, also of the Villiers Terrace site. Immediately after the show I ran into Brian and passed my Ocean Rain tour book signed by Will, Pete and Less back in 1984 to him and he gave it to someone else backstage. It was returned to me while waiting outside where the band members exited one by one. This really made the night an unbelievable experience.

Just one pound apiece
Entry to a fantasy
Dreams for pocket change

Trapped in its whirlpool
Spiriling into the heart
Limp with its desire

The after show party was held at the Korova bar off of Hope Street. Will was DJ’ing the music for the club, "spinning" tunes primarily from the 60’s and 70’s. Shots of tequila were only a pound apiece. Line’em up, I’ve got a pocket full of change! Much of the evening was spent dancing with the many attractive women in attendance, still pumped up from the show and having gotten my long desired autograph. My head was spinning from having so much fun.

I got back to the hotel some time after 3 AM. I had a late night snack of fish and chips in a shop opposite the hotel. There were a bunch of others seated at the tables doing the same thing. I enjoyed the late night people watching.

The last seven songs played during this show were:

My Kingdom
The Back of Love
The Killing Moon
The Cutter
Nothing Lasts Forever
Do It Clean
Lips Like Sugar

Download them here:

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