Thursday, December 24, 2009


Day three starts off late, making it out onto the streets about noon. A quick "breakfast" is followed by an afternoon touring both the Walker Art Museum and the World Museum of Liverpool, both only a few blocks from the hotel. Dinner at another Italian restaurant that late afternoon, an excellently prepared piece of Scottish salmon, also within a few blocks of the hotel.

Back at the hotel room I once again prepared for the up coming show. The bottle of tequila is now empty, the remaining contents placed in a collapsible canteen that I bring into the show. A light drizzle eventually turns into a rain, forcing me to have my cigar on the steps of St. Georges Hall beneath a covered entryway. I arrive at the concert hall shortly before 7 PM, getting in line with the two dozen others who have already gathered. I take my place before the stage in virtually the same place as the night before. The same warm up band (name forgotten) that performed last night takes the stage again. Four sixteen year olds with a lead singer who’s voice is smooth as silk. A promising start to their career.

The Bunnymen took their time coming on stage during this final performance of the year, appearing before another wildly enthusiastic audience sometime after 9:30 PM. Another great performance by the band, the audience singing along the whole time. On the recording one often hears the audience better than Ian. More dancing, whooping and hollering. As during all three nights, members of the audience call out for them to play Over The Wall, and on this night they willingly perform it near the end of the show. More pushing and shoving too, but the main offender behind me suddenly left, probably in search of a restroom. To avoid the same, I made sure to stop drinking liquids beginning in the early afternoon. So what I did take in by show time was straight tequila.

Party like a rock star
Lets music invade his head
A body worn down

Hourglass once full
Events flowing like dry sand
Time is running out

The sleet comes in waves
Falling from the wet, gray clouds
Shoppers walk faster

Strong wind from the north
Whitecaps dance on the river
Its cold brown water

Glance through their window
Christmas tree in room's warm light
The train races by

Thirty thousand feet
Cross the wild and rocky coast
Lost in clouds below

Time has come and gone
Passion's dream is over
Distant memory

Snow on the tundra
Beneath the rippled cloudscape
Drifting far below

After the show I hung out at the main building exit to watch the departing band members. I met Will’s nephew who was also waiting for his uncle along with the other fans. I was given the drummers set list from off the stage by Brian who I met again this evening.

I was told that the after show party would be held at Stage 2 on what I heard as "Paul" Street. Since I did not know where this was, I asked hotel staff . I was not encouraged by the response. Paul Street? Maybe Pall or Parr Streets? A request for a telephone directory instead got me directions from a hotel staffer who thought he knew where it was. I go and find out he was wrong. The correct directions are received by a street clown in the club district I was incorrectly sent to.

Drinking and dancing at Stage 2. Will DJ'ed. In attendance were Stephen, Gordy and Nick. I got to speak briefly with each of them. Will was unapproachable, but only because of my own fear due to his status within the band. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Rumor has it they will resume their North American tour this coming March or April, possibly presenting me with another opportunity to see the band perform.

I left Stage 2 sometime after 3 AM, wandering the emptying streets. I had a cigar with a group of guys who were acting as security at what I assumed was a strip club based on the posters outside. They let me enter for the sole purpose of satisfying my curiosity. I was disappointed that it was virtually empty, music still blaring, providing the beat to which I could dance to as I virtually skipped through the place. Back to the fish and chips shop for a late night snack. Its fun watching the dynamics between the restaurant operators and customers at such an early hour.

The recording of the show started off fine, however, during Bedbugs and Bally Hoo I began adjusting the mic input levels, not realizing that I acidentally paused the recording. It looked like it was recording, but it was not. Of the songs played this evening I only managed to record the first eight:

Show of Strength
Villiers Terrace
Stormy Weather
Think I Need It Too
Seven Seas
Dancing Horses
Bedbugs and Bally Hoo (partial)

Download it here:

Splicing the three pieces of each show provided in this blog makes for a single representative Liverpool show. Enjoy.

Sunday was cold and wet, waves of sleet passing across the city. I checked out of the hotel and had a good breakfast in a restaurant on Bold Street. I walked to the River Mersy where I had a last cigar near the ferry terminal building, watching the dramatic play of light and shadow as clouds moved in off the sea. Back to Lime Street Station where caught the train to London, taking the underground to Paddington Station where I found a cheap hotel, a tiny unheated room on the fourth floor. A seafood dinner followed by a walk through a dark Hyde Park. In the distance I could see the lights of a ferris wheel. Drawn to the light, I spent the next hour at a Christmas carnival that runs through the early part of January. The lights, live music, the people. Walked back to the hotel and was in bed sometime after midnight. Took the Heathrow Express to the airport the following morning, catching my 9 hour flight back to Denver where I arrived to a pleasant afternoon. And just like that it was all over. Back to reality.

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