Sunday, December 13, 2009


The week ends with a broken furnace, requiring a repairman and some money. The guy I called could only come out Friday morning, which meant I needed to fire up the kerosene heater and keep a fire burning in the fireplace. It was repaired by noon, but then I needed to unclog the dishwashers water line that contained a small bit of ice, where the line touched the floor which is next to an exposed section of foundation, the frigid cold of the last several days conducting through the floor. Having spent such a wasteful day, I was ready to party that night.

My selection for the evening was a collection of singles by Electrafixion, an alternative rock band, formed by former Echo & The Bunnymen members Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant in 1994, joined by bass guitarist Leon de Sylva and drummer Tony McGuigan. The sound is a bit louder, gritty and raw when compared to what The Bunnymen produced years earlier.

Download Zephyr here:

Download CD 1 of Never here:

Download CD2 of Never here:
Download Lowdown here:

Saturday night was spent partying on the pass, Loveland Pass, with a plan to go skiing the following day. Although it was windy with light snow falling, there was little chance the pass would be closed so I parked on the turn out part way up the road. I popped The Pretenders into the truck's CD player, their July 3, 1984 show at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, part of California Westwood One/Superstar Concert Series. The radio announcer chimed in at the beginning and end of the show, otherwise it was all rock and roll. There was another car parked nearby with 3 people in it who were trying to sleep (I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must have been!). They did get to sleep, but only after my show was over.

Pressure is building
Events are out of control
Veins are bleeding green

Weighed in dollar signs
A manger lying empty
Jesus forgotten

Nation of the cross
Values measured in spare change
The Wall Street preachers

I spent a half day skiing Loveland during a snow storm, the wind driving the snow sideways. The snow on the few slopes open was only getting better by the hour. But eventually my face was beginning to freeze and the glasses froze up so I called it an early day. I also needed to begin preparing for Liverpool. The drive home was spent listening to What Are You Going To Do With Your Life, a studio album by The Bunnymen, released on April 16, 1999. I enjoyed the music while navigating the slick then wet roads back to Denver.

One more year gone by
Standing there for a moment
Then we must move on

Starts like its endless
Turns and faces the crossing
A blink of the eye

Chairlift ascending
Into the storm's snowy gray
Swaying in the wind

Fall from high above
Snowflakes carried by storm's wind
Melting on his face

Snow falling sideways
Bundled against frigid cold
Tapping on his hood

Pressure is building
Expectations on the rise
Self inflicted wounds

In just an instant
Event sends out its ripples
Life changed forever

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