Saturday, January 2, 2010


Back to basics!

At work the Fun Committee came up with the idea of having a Christmas contest to see who could build the best gingerbread house among the different programs. Needless to say, we came in third place out of the four submissions. By the New Years holiday it was time to get rid of the gingerbread houses, most of which went into the trash. I was planning on blowing up our house but thought that would not be wise as it would attract the attention of the police in our terror stricken society. The alternative was to quietly set it afloat down Cherry Creek atop a Styrofoam board. If all went well, it might reach the South Platte River and eventually cross state lines into Nebraska, to be trapped behind the dam at Lake McConaughy. No idea if it made it beyond a quarter mile to the bridge crossing the creek at Colorado Boulevard. But we can pretend it went all the way.

We celebrated the New Year by heading outside at midnight to blow off some fireworks. The snow on the ground eliminated any concern I might have had for setting the woods around our house on fire. Fountains, sparklers and Roman candles. A fun time for my son.

Prior to the fireworks display, I had my cigar and flask outside, playing Van Halen III with Gary Cherone on the truck stereo blasting into the night air. It was a very good audience recording of their live performance at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This show emphasizes Gary's limitations as the band's lead vocalist, his range being limited compared to Dave and especially Sammy. During the performance of "Dreams", Michael Anthony has to help Gary out on the high notes. Still a very good show from this particular era, so few of which are available.

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