Sunday, January 3, 2010


Late Friday night I drove up to the mountains to do some skiing on Saturday. No party on the pass this time, just parking and sleeping. A light snow fell all night.

Fresh snow on the slopes with more coming down all morning as a storm rakes the Continental Divide. The storm ebbs and flows, oftentimes leading to whiteout conditions, the strong wind carrying blinding snow sideways. Trips on the chairlift were spent hunkered over, the parka hood shielding my face from the cold and wet. Conditions on the slope only improved as the day went on with fresh accumulations, many people choosing to remain sheltered in the lodge. Sweet turns carved in the powder!

A light snow falling
Unseen in the nights darkness
Felt on his cold cheek

Midnight's dark forest
The snow dappled in shadow
Cast by the moon's light

Turns off the trucks engine
Struck by the sudden silence
Hears the wind blowing

Wind out of the north
Clouds of snow driven sideways
Cold cheeks feel their sting

Clouds race overhead
Sun's feeble effort to shine
Lost in heavy snow

Point the tips downhill
Glide through untracked powder
Turns come easily

Oceanic air
Pinwheels around the maps low
The mountains get snow

Back in Parker that Saturday evening I pull out another recording I have been waiting to listen to for the first time, Echo & The Bunnymen's B-Sides & Live (2001-2005), a varied collection of their songs, ranging from unusual mixes of their classics, acoustic performances, instrumental versions and live performances. A great collection of some interesting variations of their songs. I loved it!

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