Monday, January 18, 2010


After the kids returned from school Friday afternoon, we jumped in the car and began driving west, our destination being Glenwood Springs for a couple days of soaking and skiing. We were in the hot spring pool by 9 PM, an hour relaxing in the water before they close at 10. It was very cold outside, thick clouds of steam rising off the water.

Back to the hotel, change into warm clothing and out I go for a cigar, flask and music. I walked down to the Colorado River but a cold wind coming down the canyon easily cut through the clothing and chilled me, forcing me to look for a more sheltered area. The sheriff patroling the area ensured I did not stand on the bridge overlooking the highway. I found a quiet spot near the hotel and rocked out.

First up was Electrafixion's live show at Sheperds Bush Empire in London on October 22, 1995. I like the hard edge to Ian's and Will's music from that era.

Download it here:

This was followed by my listening to Echo & The Bunnymen's Heavan Up Here studio album which included several bonus tracks. A really great album from a time they were making a name for themselves and rising in popularity.

Morning lasts so long
An afternoon in the sun
Then its time to go

Cruise by black and white
Notable odd behavior
Turns to red and blue

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