Sunday, January 10, 2010


The morning brought a hut filled with people packing up and cleaning in preparation for a departure, all the while a beautiful sunrise lit up the landscape all around us. Breakfast is followed by packing backpacks and dressing for the trip back to the trail head. Climbing skins are packed and we point ski tips downhill, following the same path we took to get to the hut. But now gravity was working with us, carrying us swiftly downhill. One needed to be very cautious because the descent was fast and the trail narrow, looking for every opportunity to cut fresh powder along the way for enjoyment and to slow the speed of ones descent. A beautiful sunny day with a pleasant air temperature added to the fun time down.

Back to our parked vehicles, load up and head out. I was back in Denver shortly after 3 PM. Unpack and attend to other unfinished business. By 10 PM I was ready to head outside for a virtual concert.

The unseen burden
Pushing down upon weighed chest
Shaking with black fear

Walls are closing in
Clawing at the pitch darkness
Alone in minds box

The music of choice for this evening was Echo & The Bunnymen performing live in Liverpoool on August 17/18, 2001. The edition I had was a scarce 2002 UK 17-track advance promotional CD featuring a great live recording of the Liverpool show, which high ligthed both Will's guitar and Ian's voice, both of whom performed splendidly. I was grooving to the music outside in the cold until shortly before midnight.

Caught in the whirlpool
Heart's emotion in their grip
Pulled under and drowns

Ascends to new heights
There's no logical limit
Falls over the wall

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