Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Saturday was spent skiing at Sunlight with the family, followed by an evening soaking several hours in the hot spring pool. A beautiful day to be on the slopes but more fresh snow would have been appreciated by all. I enjoyed the opportunity to ski with the family, a rare event considering how often I go out when everyone else prefers to stay home.

Several hours were spent in the pool again Sunday morning, although by then we were looking forward to the return trip home that afternoon. Snow was falling on the Divide, accidents snarling traffic, bringing us to a standstill. I had enough time to jump out of the car and smoke a cigar while standing on the highway. A car packed with women snow borders in an adjoining vehicle offered me a shot from their bottle of booze. I declined noting that I had my own bottle of tequila. The family did not appreciate the smell I brought back into the car. We were home by 5:30 PM.

That evening I took my music outside to the truck and cranked up the stereo. With cigar in hand I enjoyed Chickenfoot's August 8, 2009 show at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan. An excellent audience recording that captures the energy of their performance. Sammy chats with the audience between each song, more so than Dave ever did in his career. Dave raps with his audience following the same script each show while Sammy is spontaneous and sincere. He was joking all night with Chad and Joe, but virtually no chatter with Mike. A great performance.

Rises in the sky
Touch the lion's flowing mane
The stars burn brightly

Stands so far away
Staring up at the night sky
A view imagined

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