Monday, July 12, 2010


The ultimatum finally came: get rid of the Jack Jensen paintings in the hallway leading the the kids' bedroom or else.... Rather than provoke a fight, I complied. I moved them to the stairwell leading to the room at the top of the house, the room I'm renovating, stacking them one atop the other and side by side. The good news is that I now have additional room for another 15 or more paintings in this same area. Jack says I'm his second best customer, the other individual having bought his paintings for years, numbering over 40 in his collection. I have a long way to go to catch up!

Saturday and Sunday find me working on the roof, putting up the new siding. I'm burning out on this three year long project, dragging my ass up and down the steps and ladder, hauling, cutting, priming, custom fitting pieces one by one on the exterior wall and windows. A big thunderstorm rolled through Saturday afternoon effectively ending my work, the sheets of rain coming down, lighting filling the sky.

While staring out the window during that storm a bolt of lightning appeared to strike the field between my house and the next door neighbor's. But it was an illusion, the bolt actually striking a large tree near the playhouse, the crack of thunder instantly filling the ears. I was tempted to go out in the rain to check it out but I'm glad I didn't because a second bolt struck a few minutes later in the same general vicinity. The tree has a crack running up its side, the bark blown into the surrounding bushes. I now wait to see what the permanent effect will be on the tree that is at least 200 years old.

Saturdays cooling rain was followed by Sunday's clear skies and heat. I took some time off in the afternoon to watch the final World Cup game between Spain and the Netherlands. I was hoping the boys from Holland would win. The game was effectively over with that one and only goal and it was the signal to return to work on the roof. I did not get as far as I hoped. Painting could conceivably begin next weekend, depending on how far I get these next few weekday evenings.

Concert on the prairie this Saturday night. I was still intrigued by Alize and so downloaded the 2004 En Concert release. It is the audio from a live CD/DVD set, comprising of selected performances from her countrywide tour of France, along with a performance each in Belgium and Switzerland, during the second half of the year 2003. The tour started off with a performance on 26 August 2003 in Paris, France and concluded with her performance on the eve of 17 January 2004 at the Le Zenith concert hall in Paris.

What a voice, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her most popular songs. It would have been too much for me to have watched her eye candy on DVD as well.
In a way I'm glad I don't understand a single word she's singing. I'm sure the lyrics would be disappointing. Ignorance is bliss!

Voice so alluring
Modern day pop sirens song
Hearts crash on the rocks

Distant suns burning
Boiling mass of hydrogen
Tiny points of light

Look over the horizon
Stare into infinity
None of it matters

It all seems so big
World's frenzied activity
Minds that seem so small

For a thousand years
Their delusions of grandeur
A blink of the eye

Download it here:

Alizee warmed me up for the main act, Echo & The Bunnymen performing live at the Birmingham Odeon in the UK on October 19, 1984. A fairly good recording, although I had to turn up the bass to get a more balanced sound. Their music rang out into the night air, brilliant stars in the sky overhead.

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