Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Friday meant a couple things: a trip to Mutiny Now to see what new painting may have come out of Jack Jensen's head and a music show with the truck this evening. Jack had painted the F'ed-up on coffee one, giving me first dibs on its purchase. I bought it because I'm a heavy coffee drinker, although I don't think I've approached anything close to what the painting says. The other two had been hanging in his bookstore for a few weeks unsold, both of which I liked but other paintings of greater interest diverted my attention from them. Not this time. Jack's walls are somewhat barren, having trouble keeping his paintings from leaving as soon as they go up on display. I'm not the only one snatching them up. Even after offering to leave them up for a while after I purchase them, he prefers having an empty space on the wall as it creates tension as to what was there and is now gone. The words are very strong and even I had reservations about making the purchases, fearing the reaction at home.

In preparation for another busy weekend working on the damn upstairs siding project, I decided to take the truck out where I can safely crank up the stereo for one of my favorite live performances. Van Halen III with Gary Chereone in Sydney Australia on May 1, 1998. A great soundboard recording with some of the best guitar work by Eddie Van Halen. Good Van Halen III are hard to come by. This particular recording, Waited For The Day, is actually an edited version of the show, tracks 1-8 recorded Live at Sydney while tracks 9-12 were recorded live in Melbourne on April 17, 1998. Two incomplete shows with the tunes out of order from how they were performed those two nights. But still a fun show to listen to on the edge of the weekend on a warm summers evening.

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