Monday, July 26, 2010


The English Beat swing back through Denver on July 25, 2010, this time stopping at the Ogden Theater, and appearing with another 80's band, the Squeeze. A friend invited me to attend the show, both remembering how good it was last time. Only problem was it happened on a Sunday night, the expectation of having to go to work the following morning restraining me from having a blow out experience. But hey, on the positive side I remembered the entire event. I had purchased a second ticket and my visiting sister joined me for the show.

We arrived shortly after 8 PM, entering the theater to hear the English Beat already playing on stage. Very unusual since most shows begin well after the doors open. I was also expecting the Squeeze to perform first, saving the best for last, at least in my opinion. I had to scramble to the stage to find my friend and then set up the recording rig on the fly, losing the first two or three songs they performed this evening. The English Beat performed a shortened set, as is the case with all warm up bands. Too bad because Dave Wakeling is such a great performer and entertainer, loving his audience. I've never seen someone sweat so much while performing on stage, Dave making fun of that fact as well! Enjoy the excellent recording.

Download it here:

English Beat July 25, 2010 Gothic Theater Denver

The Squeeze took the stake after a short delay, their performance assisted by graphics flashing on the large screen behind them on stage.

Wikipedia describes them as such:

Squeeze are an English Band that came to prominence in the United Kingdom during the New Wave period of the late 1970s, and continued recording successfully in the 1980s and 1990s.

They are known in the UK for their hit songs "Cool for Cats", "Up the Junction", "Tempted", "Labelled With Love", "Black Coffee In Bead", "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)", and "Hourglass". Though not quite as commercially successful in theU.S., "Tempted", "Hourglass" and "853-5937" were all American chart hits for Squeeze, and the band have a dedicated following there and continue to attract new fans. All of Squeeze's hits were written by band members Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford.

Glenn stills wears his white shoes.

Download it here:

Squeeze July 25, 2010 Gothic Theater Denver Colorado

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