Sunday, December 5, 2010


A busy Saturday working in the basement printing my Christmas block print: 5 blocks, 5 shades of blue yielding an attractive image of a Colorado mountain scene. The only thing that made this exercise bearable was the "new" stereo I purchased from someone at work, the old Pioneer receiver of 1975 vintage finally crapping out. If it's Saturday night, it must be virtual concert time!

First up was Public Image Limited, an excellent recording of their December 4, 1983 show at the Hammersmith Palais in London. "I see we've got some dirty little gobbers standing up front...oh you foul mouthed bastard. Don't you know that's rude!" This show took place 27 years ago to the day. I can relate.

Download it here from Pilhead's site:

In honor of the fact that I will be attending live shows to see the Bunnymen in London and Liverpool this coming week, on their Crocodiles/Heaven Up Here tour, I decided to play one of their earlier shows. Clermont-Ferrand Chris Club in France on March 3 1983. Another fine recording from the early days.

I was cooking by the end of this show. Since I do my thing in the woods behind the house, there's no driving on public roads and little opportunity for the sheriff to bust me for "disturbing the peace." All I've got to worry about is not running into trees or bushes and making a sharp turn into the driveway. Piece of cake!

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