Thursday, December 16, 2010


Depart from the hotel late in the morning, having breakfast at a sandwich shop across the street. My destination for the afternoon was Camden Town on the north side of London, known for its funky shops that offer a wide variety of unusual items, many featuring punk and goth related clothing. I spent the day wandering around and purchasing a few Christmas gifts for the kids back home. I wish I had more room in the backpack. The one thing I regret not purchasing were a pair of high laced Doc Marten boots.

Later that evening I found myself on the Lambeth Bridge over the Thames, the lights of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben reflecting in the water below. Out came the portable CD player, headphones, cigar and flask filled with tequila and I took my place atop a bench with a view all round me. I pulled out the two concerts on CD, tuned in and dropped out, lost in the music playing in my head. I cared not what the people passing by thought of this stranger madly dancing on the bridge. A road crew closed down the bridge later that evening to repair a seam in the roadway. When the music stopped and it was time to go they comment on the fact they were entertained by my two hour+ show on the bridge.

First up this evening was the Sex Pistols, an excellent complete recording of their show at the 76 Club in Burton on Trent in the UK on September 24, 1976. It was here in London where the Pistols got their start, not too far from where I was standing, there on King's Road. Their first song on this recording is Anarchy in the U.K., the headline on London's free newspaper, Metro, that same day in response to the student protests and the incident involving Prince Charles and Camilla when their limo was attacked, windows smashed and Camilla grabbed. A great location, a great performance.

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Next up was Public Image Limited, their live performance at the Royal Oak Music Hall in Detroit MI on November 27, 1987. Another fine recording that was fun to dance to. The common thread between the two shows was, of course, John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon.

Walked back to the hotel, stopping at one of the numerous hole-in-the-wall grocery stores that stay open late at night for a snack and juice.

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