Friday, December 17, 2010


Woke up, had breakfast in the sandwich shop across the street and made my way to Euston Station where I caught the 11 AM Virgin Railway fast train to Liverpool's Lime Street Station. Check in at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel and settle in. I then head out on a walking tour of the very busy shopping district just outside the hotel door. Swarms of people out and about this Saturday afternoon. I retreated to the quiet of St. Lukes Church, a bombed out ruin, the target of a German air raid during WW II, the desired target being a secret factory nearby. An individual greeted guests, explaining that donations were accepted for the purpose of stabilizing the ruins. Beethoven was playing on the stereo within the roofless structure, the walls lit with colored lights, drunk men wandering in and out, also the recipients of aid offered by the church's caretaker.

Dinner of fish and chips and then back to the hotel to prepare. With map in hand I make my way down the streets to find the Olympia Theater a half mile or so away, trying to navigate the roads and remember landmarks for the purpose of finding my way back while impaired. I did get diverted but found my way to the theater's front door where I joined the gathering crowd.

A small group of people approached me while I was in line and enthusiastically and with certainty asked whether I was Larry. I say I am not and they head off disappointed to take their place in line, people looking at me wondering what that was all about. In the theater as I stand before the stage, I'm approached again and asked whether I was Larry, but this time I recognize two of the people, Linda and her son Oli who I met in Liverpool last year, both very enthusiastic Bunnymen fans, an inspiration for Oli who is in a band of his own, his mates in attendance with him this evening. Both their enthusiasm and Linda's good looks meant they had found ways of building relationships with certain band members, giving them access to the exclusive after parties held in the theater. Lucky them. Both Linda and Oli are evident throughout the recording of the show this evening, positioned on both sides of me at the front rail.

Kelly took the stage and kicked off the show. I enjoyed it just as much as the evening two days earlier. I stood in front of Kelly's guitarist and received the full force of his music coming out of the amplifier.

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This was a sold out show, the building packed with enthusiastic fans who sang along throughout the performance and who also surged towards the stage in an effort to get closer to what they loved. Another memorable performance by the greatest band of all time. The two hours went by too quickly.

After the show I waiting behind the theater but gave up when the band members failed to come out in a timely manner, attending the private after party in the theater (Oli and Linda made it in!). Being cold outside, I decided to head back to the area of the hotel. Unfortunately I got twisted around in my directions as a result of the earlier diversion, walking what felt like a half mile in the wrong direction. Confirming my suspicions, I turned around and made it back to the hotel fine, having a late night snack of fish and chips, watching the scantily clad women freeze outside.

I admired the elegance of my hotel room, but getting into bed and beneath the covers quickly because of an absence of heat.

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Perhaps in the near future.


phil said...

Thanx for London gig,Liverpool gig would be great as well.PLEASE

volcano man said...

I will eventually do so. Just give me some time.

phil said...

Can,t wait. THANX