Sunday, March 16, 2008


Reports of new snow in the high country convinced me to drive up Friday night, arriving at the Clinton Gulch turnout below Fremont Pass at around 10 PM. The highway was real slick, with vehicles skidding off onto the roadside, including a jack-knifed truck blocking the east bound lanes. 8 to 10 inches of fresh on the ground with starry skies above. On this evening I decided to go back to 1984, the pinnacle of VH's fame and glory. May 9, 1984 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Although the quality of the bootleg was not one of the best when compared to some of the recent ones I've listened to, it was still very good. I stomped out a place in the snow, opened up the truck door wide and turned it up loud. Nearly 2 hours of music took its toll on the truck battery, draining it sufficiently such that the stereo shut off just before the final song. I knew then and there I was screwed, considering the freezing cold temps would further drain/hinder battery recharge. I went to sleep hoping for the best, still riding the tequila wave. I was told temps in Leadville the following morning were around 0 F. It was one of the few nights where I wish I had some additional insulation.

The following morning I hitched to Copper Mountain and got a tow truck to give me a jump start. I made it to Ski Cooper around 10 AM where I carved up the fresh powder for several hours. Many areas available to make my own tracks the whole time I was there, particularly in the trees. By mid afternoon I was beat, mostly because I was coming down with some illness that was making me feel weak and achy. The great thing about leaving a little early is that I beat the late afternoon rush hour traffic. I spent the evening framing the autographed Diver Down album, now hanging up in the house. Looks sharp!

Still waiting for VH to reschedule the shows. In the meantime, I continue to download more from the Sammy/Gary era for future parties on the pass!

Road glistens with ice
Headlights reveal its victims
Flashing red and blue

Killer music cranked
Amps power Eddie's guitar
Killed truck battery

Clear crisp mountain dawn
Backside lurks in nights shadow
Sun blazed summits shine

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