Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rock Legend Crumbles

Rumors are flying over the postponement of four VH shows this past week. You Tube videos of the Jacksonville FL concert shows that Eddie's guitar playing was way off, at the end of which he threw it aside in apparent disgust. This may be history repeating itself, with the quality of Eddie's contribution to the band slipping as the tour progresses, something that became evident on the 1984 tour and thereafter. So its dangerous holding tickets to shows late in their tour.

This is a review from a fan who was at the earlier Fort Lauderdale show:

Eddie and Wolfgang were fighting all night. My friends and I are diehard fans and we were watching all night how Eddie was trying to engage his son without success. He also was unusually out of his mind and we knew it was going to be a trainwreck. We were all commenting on it after the show. Kind of bummed about it but hopefully it can be resolved. It really wasn't Dave. Dave carried the show again. It was between father and son. We think Eddie probably was out of his mind for some reason and Wolfie didn't appreciate that. Anyway, that's our speculation. It was very apparent throughout the show starting halfway and especially during Ed's solo that he was pissed and not on his game.

Shoot up to the stars
Young legends forged on hard rock
They crumble and fall

Gifted musician
Rides the wild vortex of fame
He drowns in its wake

Journey led astray
Lost his grip on the guitar
Searches for the sound

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