Sunday, March 30, 2008


I came across a website called "Songs In Haiku, Lyrics Distilled To Three Lines Of Verse". It can be found at, so go check it out. Earl, Kaman, Dianne, and Patrick all contribute to the site, taking requests from their guests and then posting haikus about artists, albums or individual songs. Last week I requested they make an attempt to write about Van Halen and they were gracious enough to post the resulting haikus. I share these poems, and a few others they wrote, with you below:

Past troubles and tears
are the basis for new dreams.
Be strong and climb high.

Learn from our failures.
We stand on our broken dreams
to reach for new ones.

Life has you in tears,
be strong and strive for new dreams.
Leave the past behind.

Use tough times and tears
as motivation to keep
reaching for your dreams.

Bill was a bad man,
'til he found a good woman.
Now William is whipped.

Delinquent decides
that with a pretty teacher
school isn't so bad

Please visit their site and enjoy their haikus for a long list of artists/bands.

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