Saturday, June 21, 2008


The final leg of the vacation was the return trip to Parker via the snow covered San Juan mountains. Said our farewells to Cedar Mesa and had breakfast in Bluff, after which we cruised across open country through Cortez, Durango, Silverton, eventually dropping into Ouray right around dinner time. I looked fondly up at the extensive snowfields on the tall peaks adjoining the highway, imagining the lines that could be drawn on the sun warmed snow with the tele skies.

Darkness had arrived by the time we left the pool. The trick was finding a secluded location to set up camp for the evening. I managed to find a decent road leading up to the Uncompahgre Plateau that had a turn off into the pinyon pine forest that proved to be a good campsite far away from anyone, except for the occasional vehicle that drove by. By the time we set up the tents, everyone, including myself, was ready to go to sleep. Must have been that relaxing hot spring soak.

We made it all the way back to Parker the following Saturday. Just a few miles from home on C-470 a Jefferson County Sheriff pulled me over for speeding. I argued with him, giving him a little flak because that was the only pleasure I'd get out of the experience. How ironic considering that I'd been speeding throughout the whole trip, only to get snagged on my doorstep.

Arrived home and unpacked. Since I missed last night’s concert, I decided we'd have one this Saturday night. After sunset I drove out alone to my open prairie location on the other side of Hilltop Road and cranked up the tunes, listening to the boys play at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit MI on May 19, 1998. It was a good recording and the band was hot that night. The audience felt close by, as though I was standing behind a bunch of fans that were really enjoying the show. I especially love Eddies solo throughout the '98 tour, a classic piece of Van Halen guitar work. Thus marks the end of summer’s vacation.

Falls to the peaked west
Leaves orange trail in its wake
Feels evenings cool breeze

Revolves around one
The undisputed master
They chant for Eddie

A star on his own
In a shining constellation
Dimmed by their brightness

Across the mountains
Lead guitarist rips the air
Peak among his peers

Like a six stringed harp
Makes music that elevates
Angels stop to listen

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