Sunday, June 1, 2008


I returned from Chicago earlier in the day and was feeling pretty good considering the drinking and all the traveling that had taken place within the last 24 hours. So I decided to roll the truck out onto the prairie for another Van Halen concert. Storms flashed bolts of lighting all around, occasional light sprinkles dropping from the partly cloudy skies above. I was still stoked from last nights concert, but the few shots of gold put me right back there in the arena.

Cool wind blows all night
Travels from the distant storms
Silent lightning's flash

Bolts of lightning flash
Light up the prairie darkness
Cold raindrops falling

I listened to "Got The Miracle Fingers" soundboard recording of Van Halen's February 1, 1989 appearance at the Super Dome in Tokyo, Japan, near the very end of their Monsters of Rock / OU812 tour. A really great sounding recording, although it has been edited to fit on a single CD. Too bad because it is a really good show and would play best uncut. Sammy's at the helm and he sounds fantastic.The difference in Eddies playing between this concert and the one the night before is noticeable, time and the passing of youth having taken its toll, but the miracle of his ability to captivate the audience is still there. Eddie was, is and will forever be the man!

Sammy versus Dave
Fans debate misses the mark
All about Eddie

Fucking arms in pain
But there's no comparison
Heart aches for Eddie

It doesn't matter
Portland or truck stereo
Music's where its at

Crosses the threshold
It becomes reality
Several shots away

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