Saturday, June 21, 2008


A week has gone by and Friday night has arrived, the highlight being a trip out to the fields north of the house for a ripping Van Halen concert! This nights show was recorded in Osaka, Japan on January 25, 1989 with Sammy as lead vocal. Although the recording was at best "B" quality, it was still a good show to listen to. Distant thunder storms flashed all around, at least one tornado reported far east of me. Sammy raps with the Japanese audience in English, hoping they understand, and if not, letting the music do the talking for them. Seems to have working because the crowd was pretty loud.

Back home by midnight and off to bed. My arm appears to be getting better, sleeping a bit easier and not having to constantly pop Advils. But its got a long way to go to get to normal. The physical therapist I saw earlier in the week seems to believe I should be OK by the next ski season. She's leaving it up to the doctor I see in July as to whether I can resume the house residing project.

I've experienced a bit of a panic these last several days. I appear to have found and downloaded pretty much all the easy to get Van Halen bootleg recordings. I spent a good part of Thursday night trying to line up another set of downloads but found none. The thought of running out of new boots to listen to is frightening! This means I will be forced to access trading sites where there are rules and expectations on what members do to keep the music available for others. My fear is that I will have nothing to contribute to what they already have or it won't meet their quality standards. We shall see as I delve deeper into the Van Halen bootleg world.

Move in from the west
Storm clouds flash with lightening
Light up the night sky

Storm clouds flash with light
Illuminates their white hearts
Bright stars shine above

Clouds pass overhead
Distant lightning to the east
Moons light floods prairie

Drum and bass solo
Followed by Eddies guitar
Save the best for last

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