Sunday, June 22, 2008


A very nice evening, the sun setting followed by a cool breeze out there on the prairie. This concert venue I've been visiting is a subdivision that has yet to be built, with only a single home under construction (model home?). Normally the homes would be popping up like mushrooms. I guess the good thing about the housing construction slowdown is that nothing is being built in this subdivision. I'll be disappointed when the property where I've been parking is built on, with its wide open views of the mountainous western skyline and sparkling lights of Denver.

This nights concert was an early soundboard recording of Van Halen playing in Ipswich, England on May 28, 1978. A great quality recording! On this evening Van Halen was the warm-up band, the headliner being Black Sabbath. The band spent about 50 minutes playing their rocking tunes, almost all of them coming off their first album that was released only a couple months ago. D.O.A was the last song played after the encore, announced as one that would be coming out on their next album. Dave made a point of reminding the audience several times who they were because they were still new to the music scene, particularly to Europeans. Black Sabbath soon realized that Van Halen was a force of its own and was blowing them out of the water in some venues. By 1979, with the release of Van Halen II, they were touring as the headliner, if not the only act to take the stage. They had finally become a recognized act of their own, making the slow climb towards stardom over the next several years.

An eternal dance
Witness to Earth's history
Orange moon rises

Since this was a short concert and I was fully pumped up by the time it ended, I popped Weezer's new CD in the truck stereo and listened to it from beginning to end . I really like their music and was happy to see them come out with new music after several quiet years. My experience is that the music only gets better each time I listen to it. My expectation is that they'll go on tour to promote the album, in which case I will be there. Unlike the last Weezer concert, my alcohol consumption will be a little more controlled. I spent the night at a detox center the last time I saw them, almost 4 years ago, being released only after I blew "zeros". Not a fun experience.

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