Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I went outside to prepare for my trip to the prairie, I learned that it was raining lightly under overcast skies. A change of plan was needed. I pulled out the portable CD player, earphones and sat under the overhang outside the front door. After last nights booze fest, I went real lite on the tequila, just enough to add to the concert experience.

This nights concert took place at The Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 6, 1978. An excellent audience recording from their first world tour. Dave comments on the fact that its his first trip to Amsterdam, a return trip for the Van Halen brothers. This is classic Van Halen, the band sounding really tight. That's probably because they were just beginning their rise with the release of their first album and they were "hunger" for more fame, making them play at their best. By the time they make it to 1984 they are already on the top, feel invincible and it shows in their performance, which is often sloppy and tired sounding, especially Dave's singing. The '78 show was a great performance that makes me appreciate the work of DLR to boost the band to fame.

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