Sunday, September 28, 2008


An uneventful day leads to a night on the prairie with Van Halen. After rejecting a couple other bootleg recordings due to poor quality, I chose the high quality recording Bazooka in Action. January 27, 1995, Luxor, Arnhem in Holland. As vhboots correctly notes "This is a great soundboard recording of the balance tour before it started. Once again it is the same as Secret Gig. It is a plain generic production unlike the KTS Secret Gig disc. Overall, it is a small set list, but excellent Balance Tour addition to your collection."

You can tell that both the band and crowd are pumped for this impromptu show at some small venue. The boys are performing at their best and Sammy clearly has fun with the audience, promising their return later in the year. Sammy says "Well I guess you all know we're comin' back to do the outdoor show and all that. We are gonna fuckin' be onstage for a full show, on a stage in front of like seventy thou, like forty thousand people, whatever. And if those people are one tenth as loud as you people, we'll never hear again. You people will blow our fuckin' ears out."

Flush with tequila
Standing on top of the world
Nothing brings him down

Hearts filled with passion
Have something each of them need
Ain't talkin bout love

To a fevered pitch
Shouting, cheering and stomping
The crowd begs for more

Feels so beautiful
Wants it to last forever
Knows it never can

Lives for the moment
Tomorrow is far away
Time stops for no one

Lost in the music
His guitar a diversion
Relief from life's pain

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