Thursday, September 18, 2008


The vacation continues. Drive out to visit the whaling museum and shops in Sag Harbor, the nature center just north of Bridgehampton and Shinacock Inlet on Fire Island. A long day trip to New York City. Visited the Empire State Building, standing in endless lines to get through security, buy tickets and get to an elevator to reach the 80th floor where they allowed us the option of walking the remaining flights up to the observation deck on the 86th floor. A show at the Hayden Planetarium. Visiting every exhibit in the Museum of Natural History. A leisurely dinner at Stouts, NYC, where they served delicious beers. Bought a cigar in a cubby hole shop and smoked it outside Madison Square Garden, enjoying the people and lights. A long trip back by train to return home for the evening. And naturally, more beach time to lounge on the sand and play in the water. Got to taste greasy New York style pizza and eat more Carvel ice cream.

"Keep the line moving!"
Miles of post and rope, waiting
Like cattle, obey

Rain drenched pavement
Puddles reflect city lights
Cool night air washed clean

Water on the tracks
Hot wind marks the trains advance
Floors coated with grime

People stand waiting
Sweat in stifling hot air
Loud sounds fill the ears

They move to and fro
Many, with separate lives
"He's out to get me"

Busy city street
A multitude of stories
Lives walk right on by

Wave crests rushing by
Flashing the late days sunlight
Curling, then it roars

Green wall approaching
Shoot over peaking waves crest
Glimpse of those to come

Shock of the first plunge
Bathed in a sea so alive
Waves of dancing light

A person so small
Dances in unceasing waves
His turn to come next

The spirit hangs on
When the body says let go
The tears are flowing
Sitting on the sandy beach of Lake Panamoka at 10 PM, I took a swig of tequila, lit the cigar and popped in the first disc of a two CD bootleg recording taped during Van Halen's show at the Yokohama Arena in Japan on November 2, 1998. This was the second to last show Gary Cherone played while employed by the band, the last on the Japan leg of the tour. A decent audience recording, with a lot of clapping from the audience in the foreground, particularly early in the show. Considering how many of the songs they played from the VH I and VH II eras, I was struck by how this show felt like a "reunion" concert, a preview of Van Halen's real reunion tours that came next in 2004 and 2007/2008. Little rapping with the audience, burn through the set list. But it was still an enjoyable experience, my favorite part being the Year To The Day/ Eddie's Guitar Solo combo.
Plucked from distant lands
Dragged across a continent
Sand through my fingers

Sound of perfection
Delicate movement of hands
Master of the strings

Fingers so nimble
A master of the guitar
Ed blows fans away

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